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Before, During and After Your Wedding

Here's Some Tips to Help You Through a Crazy (BUT GREAT) Time!


  • Lock down your venue

  • Lock down your musicians/DJ

  • Lock down your caterer

  • Lock down your photographer / videographer

  • Don't Try and Do It All Yourself (Planning and Execution Takes a Team)

  • Write Out a Script give it to your vendors - It just flows better that way.

  • Ask Others Who Have Already Had Wedding For "3 Things That Went Wrong"

DURING: · Bride and Groom should stay together during the entire reception · Dinner music should be at comfortable volume for easy conversation · Bride and Groom should have a First Dance and a Last Dance · If Bride or Groom have children, there should be a special dance with them · Schedule the special reception events right at the end of dinner. · Don't interrupt the Dance party with frequent special reception rituals....let the guests party out!


  • Put Away Your Gifts, Return Doubles

  • Review Your Videos, Photos and More - now - Begin To Assemble

  • Throw Out Anything From Ex's - really

  • Celebrate Each Day Like It's the Honeymoon

  • Work Together on Projects Even More Than Before

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